10K+ Verified Professionals

Fortunately, our extensive AI-powered network makes the hiring process seamless allowing us to quickly identify top-tier cross border talents for your business. 

It involves applying a candidate matching algorithm to a database of 10k+ verified professionals (selected from a bank of over 3million resumes) through AI-driven technologies to match your requirements.

The first step in evaluating a candidate is creating a benchmark resume to serve as a role model for the candidate. 

This benchmark resume is then compared to our resume bank from some of the largest job sites with which we are partnered.

We then identify potential candidates from our 10k verified professionals using AI. Next, we perform human-led assessments, followed by a final interview with you in the mix to match you with the ideal candidate.

Finally, we offer specially designed training programs for selected candidates to ease the transition from their home market to yours.

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