3W Hiring Process

For your hiring request, Remote Office utilises a 3-week timeframe and a customised machine-led interview session to connect you with top cross-border talents.

The process is very detailed and goal-oriented, meaning that we take the time to connect you with the best fit who can solve your pain points accurately. This usually takes up to three weeks. 

We start by conducting an initial audit to identify and analyse your pain points and then assemble a team specifically suited to handle your pain points.

The hiring process begins by skimming through our resume bank of 10k+ verified professionals using AI.

After the initial selection is made in the first week, we proceed to human-led interviewing the next week. 

This creates room for a more detailed recruiting process to match you with the best possible candidate.

The third week includes an interview session with you to ensure the synergies between the employer and employees are aligned.

Once we receive a green light from you, we conduct special training programs for the selected candidates to ease the transition from their home market to yours.

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