80% Average Savings

Our system also lets you save you up to 80% on average, giving you more funds for other ventures. You can also check our price calculator to see how considerably the prices differ.

In comparison to in-house hiring, our solutions enable you to slash costs while working with top-tier cross-border talents.

Moreover, there is a team leader who helps you manage teams and sends in monthly reports that provide a clear picture of how the team is doing.

But that’s not all as we also have outlined solutions to help you alleviate specific pain points as well. 

When compared with freelance markets, Remote Office offers secure training, commencement plans, and security of data transmissions that follow strict and rigid standards. This means you don’t have to worry about your data being misused.

As for managing taxes and legal compliance for the staff, we handle those issues too, so you no longer have to concern yourself when hiring someone as well.

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