Orion Footwear augmented team for sales - Remote Office

Orion footwear boosts its sales with augmented team


Leather footwear has been one of the fastest-growing sectors in the leather industry of Bangladesh. Orion footwear is one of the emerging brands in the market of Bangladesh, which is a concern of Orion group of companies Ltd.

In 2017, the company was looking forward to bolstering its sales by collaborating marketing innovation with technology. The objective was to thrive the customers towards purchasing products in volume. Orion Footwear partnered with us and hired an augmented team. The RO team analysed Orion’s business first and went ahead to develop a web app to progress towards the goal. 

The team:

The team had 1 account manager, 1 business analyst & 1 designer & 2 programmers. 

Augmented team for sales - Remote Office

The challenge:

The brand has outlets in shopping malls and the stores were very happy with the number of customers coming to the store during peak hours. But during the off-peak hours, their sales figure was threatening and in comparison to their competitors, very low. They, very quickly realized that their competitors must have some secret recipe that they are missing out. To resolve, they stepped forward and started talking to different agencies.

The solution: 

Orion Footwear augmented team for sales - Remote Office

Our business team proposed to create an app that would enable the customers to generate automated QR codes containing discount offers. The application also had a smart shuffling pattern to avoid fraudulent activities. 

The catch was, the discounts are only valid during specific time windows mentioned in the offer and we targeted the time range where their customer traffic was low.


Customers came to the outlets, scanned the QR code with their own mobile devices and claimed the discount shown on their screen from the shop on their chosen product. While claiming they did input their name, contact and email. This also bolstered the KYC archive of the company like never before. The campaign went viral and customers could scan the QR from social media & just show up to the outlet in the mentioned time window to avail the offers. 

We ensured all the outlets were able to access the admin panel with discrete login credentials based on different roles, change the status of each deals with side notes and labels which ended up with a real-time reporting of the campaign. Nearly a couple of thousand customers availed the discount from the outlet for any chosen product. Therefore, the app engaged a substantial number of customers both directly and indirectly and Orion Footwear progressed prodigiously towards their goal.

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Asif Rezwan

Oct 20 2019, 03:15:59

I worked at Orion back at that time.

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