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Values We Bring Through Our Recruitment Process

The current challenges of the global pandemic are unprecedented and will have a major impact on the global economic situation. As of now, thousands of employees are already facing layoffs or pay cuts, while businesses are also struggling on the financial end. The question of “hiring” or “firing” is an essential one at the moment and the corresponding solution hands on a delicate balance. To stay afloat, many companies are inclined to dismiss or avoid hiring employees in order to lower expenses or the need for funds, before considering or applying other methods that can help reduce costs and save jobs. Dismissal as a solution can prove to be counterproductive for certain businesses, especially if their workforce plays an integral part in operating their businesses.

At Remote Office we generally believe that effective recruitment strategies are fundamental for businesses and the current situation demands that we develop risk mitigation strategies. To begin with, we think that businesses prosper when they are properly operated. And operations can only be effectively executed if businesses build a workforce consisting of the right kind of talents that can meet and fulfill their company goals. As a BPO company, through our effective digital onboarding process, we can ensure the specific quantity and quality of candidates that business owners have in mind, which can help keep them maintain an effective pace or stay ahead of competitors during these trying times. 

Remote Office aims to reduce the rapidly rising unemployment rates in Bangladesh. Through our services, we are inclined to reduce failures in start-up businesses as well as the burn rates in organizations that are under critical conditions right now. It is common for business owners to sometimes find themselves in positions where efficient scaling of the overall business performances and output can become quite a challenge. Yet having a progressive and proactive team is exactly what can make all the difference!

Following multiple processes of applicant tracking software has allowed us to achieve the recruitment results that fit both the candidate’s and the client’s preferences. The artificial intelligence implementation helps Remote Office derive the best resources to build for you an extensive talent pool, and we do so by maintaining this structure of procedures:

Recruitment headquarters

Initially, we occupy our own recruitment headquarters which allows us to efficiently manage your daily tasks on one window. For example, it will allow you to easily access your past and current candidates, maintain proper communication, manage your calendar for candidate meetings or integrate with job boards to advertise your job offers. 

Candidate experience

Once a candidate is chosen, we help you to maintain a disposition that is professional to improve the candidate experience. Throughout the entire hiring process, you can create email templates for coherent communication, keep candidates updated on any new developments, automate multiple messages so that they can apply for more than one job at a time. You have full access to all your messages so it will help maintain transparency.

Automating recruitments

We shall take over the rest of the processes by automating recruitments to save you from exhaustive tasks, wasting time, and spending more money. We would analyse and evaluate the candidates based on your job conditions, rate and suggest the best ones for you, and you can automate the messages you want to send and track your progress with the candidates by also automating notifications.

Talent pool

Next comes the task of building a broad database of highly skilled and professional individuals. A talent pool from which you can choose your candidates, whose set of skills might be what your company is most in need of. We develop several ways for you to approach candidates: the candidate database that offers varieties of selection, create effective and intuitive application forms, making you a career page generator, and integrate your website with LinkedIn to reach numerous profiles.

Data security

By using the online software, we can ensure the privacy and data security of all your account information. We maintain confidentiality regarding your database by using encryption and a back-up system, we strictly uphold the data protection laws of the GDPR compliance, we also make it a point for you to have access to certain features that enable you to better control sensitive data.

Employer branding

In order to display what an exclusive opportunity it might be for candidates to work under you, we will develop and enhance your employer branding. You can use the career page generator to add a gallery that showcases your team with images to make it read more authentic or even customize texts that mention the benefits you provide as an employer.

Recruitment intelligence

Our recruitment intelligence allows us to assure you that our system is intelligent and efficient enough to derive the results you want. During this stage, we analyse and try to improve your candidate experience in case of low numbers while also presenting you with recruitments, recruiters, and sourcing reports, which can help you take more cost-effective decisions.  




Remote Office will recruit by focusing on identifying the potential risks your company might be under, so that your existing employees do not lose their jobs. We shall determine the candidates by considering their suitability to your working conditions and demands within a reasonable price point. This can significantly help moderate and manage the pain points of your business corresponding to the prevailing situation the world is presently contending with. Our talent acquisition process focuses on looking for candidates whose expertise are in alignment with your company’s vision and goals. The services at Remote Office can bring certain values to your workflow which can enable you to expand your business for higher growth by being more productive.

Here are some of the features of our acquisition process that make us unique:

  • You can rely on us instead of recruiting resources yourself by relying on traditional recruiting practices. We take over all the responsibilities of tracking down exert professionals whose skills correspond specifically to your company needs. 
  • In the case where you end up hiring an offshore team that consists of more than three team members, we will offer you a free of cost Dedicated Team Leader who would lead and manage your team.
  • Our expert and efficient resources can maintain 24/7 staff support, ensuring Same Time-Zone Office Hours for companies working in any of the time zones around the world.
  • Taking care of on-demand infrastructure requirements and solutions for your hardware and software is a service we provide at no obligation.
  • If you end up hiring a tailored team of 10 members or more, we shall set your team up with Industry Standard Office Facilities, along with Company Branded Accommodations.
  • The topnotch technologies we use and because of working closely with your tailored team, our working practices and software can provide maximum Data Protection and Confidentiality for all the business operations you share with us.

At Remote Office we offer our clientele the skills and services that correspond in the following industries: E-commerce, Fintech, Restaurants, Real Estate, Human resources, Blogs and Forums, Youtube & podcast.

Some of our most popular services are GDN Banner Design, Tagging and Categorization, Social Media Campaign, Management, Virtual/Administrative Assistance, Chatbox Support Assistant, UI/UX Design, and Data Processing.

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