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Tailored team for Coca-Cola’s award winning campaigns


Coca-Cola launched its first-ever campaign for Language day in Bangladesh in 2018. To manufacture the technology platform and ensure the sensitive value proposition over to millions of people, our team was hired to deliver the needful by Grey group.  

The campaign ran under the guidance of the three distinguished and prominent Bangla linguistic experts of the country-Eminent Writer & Academician, Emeritus Professor Anisuzzaman; Professor Bhismadeb Chowdhury, Bangla Department, Dhaka University; and Notable Writer & Novelist, Anisul Hoque. 


Bangla as a language has got it’s own new shape and many meaningful appropriate words are lost, long gone. The challenge was to create a platform where people will participate for fun but at the same time they will recognize, remember the old lost 336 words.

The team: 

The team had 1 account manager, 1 business analyst & 2 designers & 2 programmers. 

The platform:

We created a web platform for Coca-cola. The platform is an intelligent quiz platform that generates questions regarding the old lost words. The team made the system intelligent enough to restrict the quiz time, shuffle questions smartly and get authentic results. The platform awarded the participants with certificates that users could share within all social media streams. The system also had leaderboards where users could see their positions and share them with friends. 

Result published by Dhaka Tribune:

Ref: https://www.dhakatribune.com/bangladesh/2018/03/12/nikhoj-shobder-khoje-brings-back-5500-forgotten-bangla-words

The campaign launched a website that received around 100,000 visitors for solid online traffic. On the website, there was a quiz contest called ‘Shobdo Shikar’, where the participants submitted the once used Bangla words which they thought were currently forgotten.

A total of 336 of them were able to submit words that were actually considered valid as ‘forgotten Bangla words’ by the panel of Bangla experts and linguists and were awarded for their contributions. Each winner of this quiz received a case of Coca-Cola as a gift.

A total of 12,000 people received certificates for their submission of forgotten Bangla words. As many of the words submitted were repeated by other participants, so Coca-Cola was able to sift through them and collect 5,500 words as entries.

The campaign got remarkable attention and engagement, mostly from the youth.

Famous personalities like writer Anisul Hoque, film director Amitabh Reza, singer Bappa Majumder also submitted words on the website.


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