About Us

At Remote Office we are working efficiently to provide outlined solutions for specific business pain points and enabling the solutions with a team of global talents.


Let us build the tech team for you to develop your website, e-commerce and mobile applications. Our dedicated team leader will manage the team so you don’t have to worry with the technical hassles.
Let us build a custom team based on your health tech business requirement. Be it your tech, marketing or back-office team, we are inclined to be a part of your cause.
Hire professionals to make the lodgements on-time and have more accuracy in data compliance to plan and grow your business with systemic decision-making.
Let RO experts reply to your customer queries, handle orders, lead the warehouse employees, take good care of the payments, deliveries and refunds (at times).
Effective prospects are the key to your business. Hire experts to find the right prospects, nourish them with continuous and very personalised communication at the right time to get more conversions.

How It Works

Design your team based on your requirement and estimate price with our price calculator. Once you are done with submitting the request, we will take it from there and look for the right fit for you.
Interview (Online) industry-standard candidates who are enlisted & filtered through our RPA powered recruitment system.
Get a dedicated team leader to manage your team (applicable for a team with 3+ members) and start working.

How it works

Build your offshore team by selecting your country, industry and services, see how much can be saved and request for quotation.
Interview (online) industry standard candidates enlisted and filtered by initial review and recruit most suitable candidates for your offshore team.
Get dedicated free team leader to manage your team (applicable for teams with 3+ members) and start working.

Our Team Members

Our Awesome Clients

We are trusted by 95+ companies


Mikko Tamminen

Chairman & CEO, Taskeater

Remote Office has been our trusted partner for the past three years. They stand out due to their professionalism, strong project management and customer-centric approach. Remote Office is one of the few agencies that are able to provide realistic estimates of project execution. I can always trust their opinions and suggestions.

Yianni Serpanos

CEO & Founder, coreplus

Coreplus is a leading digital health software as a service platform providing Allied Health care providers with digital first healthcare service delivery tools, addons and community support. In a rapidly growing sector with dynamic and fast paced needs emerging, it's been critical to our success to be able to adapt and scale our modern healthtech platform and this has required continuous recruitment in the areas of CX Design, Development & Support as we expand our teams to meet the needs of our customers. To this end Remote Office has become a trusted partner for the end to end experience in accessing global talents for hiring and supporting skilled team members on demand and well aligned with our team & operating culture. They're part of the team.

John O'hara

Former Recruiter, Facebook

Diat is one of the most driven individuals I have come across. He is creative, thoughtful, considerate and always striving for higher performance and greater learning. I hold him in the highest regard and cannot endorse him highly enough.

Blair Triplett

CEO, Believe You Me

I was impressed by Diat's approach in gaining me as a client and I wondered if the same approach could be adopted for Believe You Me. Diat and his team have been very diligent, bringing forth about six key leads within a six week period, two of which I am hopeful of converting into newly acquired business. I would highly recommended Diat.

Akhter Ahmed

Former President, New Emerging Market, Microsoft

Remote Office has been an unconventionally articulated one-stop remote service station for me. I have worked on Data Processing with the team and I got seamless English speaking team members with accurate results. Their team leaders even make the job easier to track & follow up.

Tanvir Mosaddaque

COO, Genex Solutions

Being a part of one of the largest BPO companies in Bangladesh, I can address Remote Office as one of the very few agencies who bring out the right talent fit for organisations across the globe. I really like how they have compiled the cutting edge technologies together to create, manage teams & tasks on the go.

Tracy Stone

Sales Manager, BRANG – Think Delivery. Think Brang

We were seeking assistance in reaching out to businesses who would greatly benefit from our highly competitive on demand delivery services and in the process, we partnered with Remote Office to step up our email campaigning and lead generation. They have proven to be highly engaging and professional, always showing great interest in getting to know Brang and our requirements. They were welcoming of any changes and adaptable to feedback, which allowed our campaign to foster. The hard work put in by Labib and the Remote Office team has delivered a solid response rate to our outgoing emails! We would highly recommend Remote Office to any business who is looking to partner with a passionate Lead Generation Team!!


Let’s discover your team

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